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Tweeze Only the Hairs You Want to Keep!

Woman tweezing chinYou have about 1,200 follicles per inch on your skin...follicles are where your hair grows.

A few months ago, a client came to me who had horrible acne – but only on her chin – the only place on her face she was tweezing hairs for 2 hours.....every day. She also had extensive scarring and hyperpigm…

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PCOS? Hirsutism? Beware of Laser Hair Removal Which Can Cause Paradoxical Hypertrichosis (Excess Hair Growth)

Paradoxical Hypertrichosis - a possible side effect from laser hair removal

What is Paradoxical Hypertrichosis?

Paradoxical Hypertrichosis is when laser hair removal can paradoxically cause excess hair growth (hypertrichosis).

This happens because laser can stimulate hair follicles, which can cause an increase in hair density, colour or coarseness - or a combination of t…

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Drink your water! (yawn!)

Electrolysis loves water! wine glass tipping over with water being poured into it and overflowing & splashingNo really - in the case of Electrolysis - the more hydrated you are:

  • The more hydrated you are, the more effective the treatment - because Electricity LOVES water
  • Insertions are easier and smoother
  • The more comfortable the process is

So - there you go! 3 reasons why you should drink more wate…

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