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Being a Teen is Hard Enough - You Don't Have to Struggle With Excess Hair

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Smooth & hairless skin is what society demands for adults & teens....

Teens and hair removal: an unavoidable topic. Smooth and hairless skin is what society expects – for adults & teens alike.  This means that teenagers (especially girls) are often eager to eliminate all body hair (no matter how fine & pale the hair is) but especially when its in places that their peers can see, like their upper lip or unibrow/monobrow. Friends compare each other out: one shaves, another goes to get waxed and another goes for threading, yet another has electrolysis treatments. Many parents therefore ask themselves: when should teens be allowed to start removing their unwanted hair, and which method is best for them?

Let us first acknowledge that there is no such thing as an ideal age to start removing body hair. It is always better to openly discuss the matter to avoid undesirable consequences. Do you remember shaving in secret? Here then are a few temporary hair removal methods that teens can take advantage of today.

The Good Old Razor – Nicks, Cuts & Stubble the Following Day

Safety razors or electrical shavers, depilatory creams and abrasives provide accessible and cheap hair removal solutions. These methods are thus very popular among teens but do not provide long-lasting or permanent results. Most of the time, you can see the hairs peeking under the surface of the skin as early as the following day. Using a traditional razor also involves the risk of cuts or infections, if the razor wasn’t properly disinfected or was borrowed from a family member. Improper shaving technique can deform the hair and cause ingrown hairs.

Bleaching Creams – Too Good to Be True?

Bleaching creams can seem like a solution, thanks to their simplicity of use, but they can easily create more problems than they solve. Not only can they irritate the skin but they also open the scales of the hair shaft, which makes it appear wider. The hair is therefore even more prominent once the discoloration process wears off. Not to mention, the concoction of chemicals that are bad for us – and the environment. One step forward, two steps back, as the saying goes…

Depilatory Creams – Noxious & Temporary

Depilatory creams (Nair, Neet, etc) also seem like a quick solution. Depilatory creams use chemicals to melt the hair. This means there's a possibility of you getting a chemical burn. First-, second-, or third-degree burns can happen when hair removal cream is left on for an extended period of time. They can also lead to skin sensitivity and rashes.

Wax, Sugaring and Tweezers, a Great Combination

Wax, sugaring and tweezers are tried and true temporary hair removal techniques which allow a much longer regrowth delay compared to shaving (up to three weeks). The procedure however can be painful for many, and if done improperly, deformation of the hair follicle is possible which causes ingrown hairs. 

Laser – Wonderful, but Not for Everybody

Laser or pulsed light (IPL) is very popular today. While it promises quick results over large sections of the body, this type of treatment doesn’t work on all types of skins and hair colours. Because pigmentation present in the skin and hair both absorb the light energy and turns it into heat, laser should not be attempted on darker skins (using laser on darker skin tones can result in burns). Laser work on darker hairs only - blond, ginger, grey or white hairs are largely unaffected by it. Further, IPL and LASER do not provide complete elimination of hairs, but only a reduction in hair coverage. For teens in particular, this technique is best avoided altogether, as their hairs are generally fine and less pigmented. It’s also important to note, that there is a risk of Paradoxical Hypertrichosis (excess hair growth) when using laser. You can learn more about that here. Therefore, it’s strongly discouraged to use laser for any facial hair removal (whether teen or adult). You don’t want to risk the laser stimulating your follicles on your face to grow more hair.

Electrolysis – An Investment for Life

Electrolysis is the only medically proven to be permanent method of hair removal suited for all types of hairs and skins, whatever the treated region. Thanks to the new technology, treatments are very efficient and surprisingly comfortable. Additionally, when the electrologist uses insulated probes, the skin is better protected, which dramatically reduces undesirable skin reactions. For all these reasons, electrolysis can be promoted as the overall best choice for getting rid of those pesky, unwanted hairs – especially on the face, where the skin is particularly sensitive and delicate. Electrolysis is safe and free of side effects. For young girls, we however recommend waiting for their periods to start before undertaking an electrolysis in order to ensure that their hair growth has reached mature levels. Finally, we would like to stress that electrolysis requires a certain amount of discipline and is a long-term investment. Depending on the treated zone, appointments can stretch over months. It’s best to make sure your teen is committed to the process beforehand.Click here to book your free consultation

Whatever the chosen hair removal method, your teen needs to feel good in their skin. But if your budget allows for it, we recommend permanent hair removal. It is a smart investment, for which your teen will be grateful for life!

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