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Transforming with Transgender Hair Removal: Why Electrolysis is the Permanent Hair Removal Solution

Transgender woman applying makeup.

If the thought of permanently getting rid of unwanted hair excites you and you're considering laser hair removal, make sure you read this first!

When you don't feel comfortable in your own body:

Transgenderism is when a person feels that they are the opposite gender from the one they were given at birth. In order to accept themselves as their gender a transgender person may want to wear gender specific clothing that is not the gender they were assigned at birth, they may want to have gender affirming surgery, and have specific hair removed to complete their transformation.

Hair removal can be a significant concern for many transgender women and gender non-conforming individuals, as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is usually not sufficient to limit facial, body and chest hair growth. Therefore, hair removal in these areas is often an essential step in their transition. For long-lasting hair removal, there are two choices: laser and electrolysis.

Fast treatment - quick but not permanent: 

Laser hair removal, by reducing pilosity (hair) more quickly, can accelerate the transition from one gender to the other. Indeed, this method is ideal to treat large areas like the back and the chest. Laser can't be used on dark skin or light hairs, or in areas that require precision. Treatment on blond, white and red hair isn't efficient (not enough melanin) and dark skins (too much melanin, which can cause burns) presenting high risks, electrolysis remains the only safe and effective treatment in these types of cases. Additionally, laser has been classified by the FDA as permanent hair reduction - so annual treatments are required.

Slower - the permanent method:

For over 145 years, Electrolysis permanent hair removal remains, to this day, the only 100% permanent hair removal method. Transgender women and Transgender men that have chosen laser for hair removal will have no other choice but to combine it with electrolysis to finish up their treatment and permanently get rid of their unwanted hairs. Since it treats one hair at a time, electrolysis is the ideal method to use to assure precise and lasting results. With the continuous improvement of the technology, which allows using extremely fast application times, today’s electrolysis is very comfortable even for the most sensitive!

The choice is yours:
Both methods have proven their effectiveness and benefits, and require a practically identical investment in money and time. Electrolysis is differentiated by the fact that it can treat hair and skin of any color, and that it is the ideal technique for facial hair. On the other hand, laser can reduce the amount of hair on larger areas in a short time (keep in mind tho, you will have to "top-up" your laser treatments every year, because your hair will grow back.

The FDA Consumer Health Information Bulletin of 27 June 2007 states:
"The US. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recognizes electrology as providing permanent hair removal. The FDA identification in Title 21, CFR, Sec. 878.5350 for needle-type epilators is: "a device intended to remove the hair by destroying the dermal papilla of a hair" As no other device for hair removal has the unique identification of "destroying the dermal papilla of a hair" only electrologists are allowed to claim permanent hair removal in their advertising."

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