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Drink your water! (yawn!)

Electrolysis loves water! wine glass tipping over with water being poured into it and overflowing & splashingNo really - in the case of Electrolysis - the more hydrated you are:

  • The more hydrated you are, the more effective the treatment - because Electricity LOVES water
  • Insertions are easier and smoother
  • The more comfortable the process is

So - there you go! 3 reasons why you should drink more water!

Did you know? Caffeine dehydrates you? Not only does it dehydrate you, it also stimulates your nerves and makes the treatment more Electrolysis loves water! If you drink coffee, that coffee dehydrates you and excites your nerves, making your treatment more spicy! glass of water with someone pouring a cup of coffee next to it "spicy". So, before you come to your Electrolysis appointment, try not to drink coffee. If you do, drink 2 glasses of water for every cup of coffee. This will mean you will probably need to go to the washroom when you get here, and before you leave - but that's ok! That's why I have a washroom!!

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