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Electrolysis Tips: How to Prepare for Electrolysis - and What to Expect After Your Treatment

Electrolysis being done on a chin

Electrolysis is a popular & effective method for achieving permanent hair removal results.

However, proper skincare before, during, & after electrolysis is crucial to ensure the best outcomes & minimal discomfort. In this blog post, we'll provide you with a comprehensive set of skincare tips to make your electrolysis experience smoother & more successful.

  1. Pre-Electrolysis Care:
  • Consultation: Before undergoing electrolysis, schedule a consultation with a certified professional. Discuss your hair growth history, medical history, & any medications you're taking to ensure that electrolysis is safe for you.
  • Let the Hair Grow: If I can’t see the hair, I can’t treat the follicle. It’s best to stop shaving at least 2 days before your electrolysis session. If you tweeze or wax – it will be 6-8 weeks before we see that hair again – so don’t tweeze or wax.
  • Moisturize: Moisturizer helps keep follicles hydrated, this makes the treatment faster & easier.
  • Hydrate: Drinking lots of water before your session plumps up your cells, which makes insertions smoother & easier. Plus, electricity loves water! So the more hydrated you are, the current dissipates evenly throughout the follicle – making it more comfortable & less spicy!
  • Exfoliate: Exfoliation is key! Not only does it help prevent/reduce ingrown hairs, it removes the ‘cement’ that plugs follicles & makes insertions difficult.
  • Avoid Caffeine: Avoid caffeine on the day of your appointment as it may increase sensitivity.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure: Avoid excessive sun exposure & tanning beds. Sunburned or tanned skin can increase sensitivity during the procedure.
  1. During Electrolysis:
  • Follow Professional Advice: Choose a licensed & experienced electrologist. Follow their instructions for proper prepping & during the procedure to ensure optimal results & minimal discomfort.
  • Stay Relaxed: While electrolysis can cause slight discomfort, it’s generally well-tolerated. While I do have relaxing music playing during your treatment – don’t feel you have to listen to it! Feel free to put on your headphones if you want to listen to an audio book or your own music. I can be chatty if you want, or quiet.
  1. Post-Electrolysis Care: Your follicles are open 2-3 days after your treatment
  • Avoid Touching: Our hands are dirty! So, unless you’ve just washed your hands, refrain from touching, picking, or scratching the treated area to prevent infection or irritation.
  • Avoid Harsh Skincare Products: Avoid using products with strong chemicals (perfume or alcohol based products are a no-no), exfoliants, or retinoids on the treated area for a few days after electrolysis. A mild astringent (like Witch Hazel) is good.
  • Cool Compress: Applying a cool compress to the treated area can help reduce redness & inflammation immediately after the procedure.
  • Avoid Makeup: If your face was treated, avoid applying makeup for at least 24 hours to prevent irritation.
  • Moisturize: Apply a soothing, fragrance-free moisturizer to keep the treated area hydrated & promote healing. Aloe vera gel can also be beneficial.
  • Avoid Sun Exposure: For the first few days after electrolysis, avoid direct sun exposure & wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30 if you need to go outside.
  1. Long-Term Skincare:
  • Follow a Skincare Routine: After the initial healing period, continue with a gentle skincare routine that includes cleansing, moisturizing, & sun protection.
  • Exfoliate: Exfoliation is key! Not only does it help prevent/reduce ingrown hairs, it removes the ‘cement’ that plugs follicles & makes insertions difficult. Once the redness from your session is gone, exfoliate 3-4 times a week, if possible – & always before coming to see me.
  • Do Not Pluck or Wax: Refrain from plucking, waxing, or using hair removal creams for a few weeks prior to electrolysis. The hair follicles need to be intact for the electrolysis process to be effective.
  • Be Consistent - Attend Follow-Up Sessions: Electrolysis typically requires multiple sessions for complete hair removal. Attend all scheduled sessions to achieve the desired results.
  • Patience Is Key: Remember that electrolysis results are gradual. It takes time for hair regrowth to decrease permanently, so be patient & consistent with your sessions. Electrolysis is a marathon – not a sprint!
  1. Possible Side Effects:

The amount and severity of the side effects that you experience with electrolysis depends largely on the sensitiveness of your skin, the duration of the session and the density of the hair in the patch that's being treated. 

Most people experience one or more of the following systems following a session of electrolysis:-

  • Redness for up to a few hours after treatment (rarely longer than a day)
  • Localized swelling (for most people these usually look like insect bites, it’s a normal histamine reaction, and disappear in a few hours).
  • Red dots on the treated area (usually only last a few days). Hydrocortisone cream helps.
  • Acne breakouts (usually caused from skin sensitivities and disappears within a week). Using a mild astringent (like Witch Hazel) and some Aloe Vera will help reduce this issue.
  • Skin dryness (sometimes the reaction from the electrolysis can leave the patient with dry skin - a simple aloe gel is your best line of defence against this side effect)
  • Small scabs: This is rare, but can happen. They could last up to a week.
  • Bruising: This could happen, but it’s very rare that it does.

Electrolysis offers a lasting solution to unwanted hair, but proper skincare before, during, & after the procedure is essential for achieving the best results. By following these comprehensive skincare tips, you can ensure a smoother & more successful electrolysis experience, leaving you with the confidence of beautifully smooth skin. Always consult with a certified professional for personalized advice & guidance throughout your electrolysis journey.

Now that you know how to prepare for your Electrolysis session and how to take care of your skin after your session - it's time to book your consultation!


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