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9 Skin Imperfections That Can Be Removed or Reduced Using Advanced Electrolysis

glove hand, touching back, examining itElectrolysis is for more than permanent hair removal - it's also been used since the early 1900s for treating skin imperfections!

Advanced Electrolysis is a process that will improve your skin’s appearance by reducing or eliminating unwanted skin imperfections. Here are 9 skin imperfections that can be removed or reduced using Advanced Electrolysis:

1. Skin Tags are benign flaps of skin. They are usually darker in colour than your skin and are often found on the neck or underarms. Skin tags can be flat or protruding.Skin tag before and after treatment using Advanced Electrolysis

Common Causes
Skin tags are found on women and men of all ages. They are thought to appear on areas of the skin prone to rubbing against skin or clothing. Being overweight also increases the occurrence of skin tags.

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2. Spider veins, aka Telangiectasia, Thread veins, visible facial capillaries are dilated capillaries that have lost their elasticity and become permanently enlarged. They may form as lines or as dots of redness. The name “spider veins” is given for the spider-like appearance of some—with red centers and little tentacles emerging from the middle.

Common CausesSpider veins before and after treatment using Advanced Electrolysis

Spider veins often concentrate on the nose, cheeks and chin. The main causes are sun damage, injury, medication and aging. Nearly all fair-skinned people are prone to these dilated blood capillaries, which gradually start appearing in their mid-thirties.

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3. Cherry angiomas aka blood spots, ruby points and Campbell spots, Spider Angiomas Blood spot, cherry angioma, Campbell spot before and after treatment using Advanced Electrolysis

Cherry angiomas are the most common vascular lesion. They consist of highly concentrated dilated capillaries and can be flat to the skin or larger and slightly raised. Their appearance is a cherry red to purplish colour. Spider Angiomas (spider naevus) are a combination of a cherry angioma in the center and dilated capillaries that radiate outwards similar to a spider web. 

Common Causes

Cherry angiomas usually appear as we age and typically start out as a small red dot, although they can grow up to a few centimeters in diameter. They are very common and can be found on many areas of the body but are most common on the torso. They usually occur on fair-skinned people and are a hereditary trait.

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4. Milia are tiny white bumps on the skin that look like whiteheads and are often Milia hard white bumps on skin, can be removed with Advanced Electrolysisfound around the eyes and nose. They are keratin-filled cysts, which feel like a grain of sand under your skin. They don’t have an opening at the surface so they can’t be extracted like whiteheads.

Common Causes
Milia can be found on babies and people of all ages. They can be a hereditary trait. Some milia will disappear without treatment, and exfoliating can also help. Others are often persistent and need to be extracted by a professional.

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5. Moles are a normal skin growth that develops when pigment-producing cellsMoles before and after treatment with Advanced Electrolysis (melanocytes) grow in groups. Moles are smooth and can appear in a range of different colours, sizes and shapes.  A note is required from your doctor declaring that it is safe to treat.

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6. Angiokeratomas are colourless mole-like skin anomalies with the presence of Agiokeratomascapillaries.

Common Causes
Angiokeratoma are believed to be a hereditary trait.

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7. Pigmented Spots aka Liver Spots & Old Age Spots are flat brown or blackPigmented Spots, Liver Spots, Old Age Spotsspots. They appear on sun-exposed areas of the body, such as the face, shoulders, back, and back of the hands.

Common Causes
Pigmented spots usually occur as we age and may darken with more sun exposure. Heredity seems to play the most significant role in the development of pigmented spots.

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8. Keratoses, specifically seborrheic or senile keratoses, are common growths seborrheic, senile keratoses, before and after treatment using Advanced Electrolysismost often found in adults over thirty years old. They can be found on almost any area of the body. Keratoses can vary from light-coloured to black, and are flat or raised anomalies with a waxy or wart-like appearance. They are harmless, but we recommend that your keratosis be evaluated by a doctor, as skin cancer can be mistaken for a keratosis. This is especially important if it bleeds, itches, or is irritated or inflamed on a regular basis. 

Common Causes
The cause of keratosis is unknown but heredity seems to play a role.

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9. Warts, small grainy skin growths that occur most often on your fingers, feet or hands.

Common Causes
The cause of warts is a virus.

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