Razor Free Electrolysis

We all like to look & feel good ... it’s no exception for men

We know that daily hair removal takes a lot of time, whether you shave every day, tweeze, wax or use hair removal creams.

Yes, we do electrolysis for men; hairy ears, tip of your nose, patchy beards, unibrows, underarms, chest, hairy backs/shoulders, stomach, neck/nape, thinning out hairy hands, feet, legs even bikini lines and "Manzilians".

Eyebrows, ears, the bridge of the nose or nostrils are all areas where the skin is delicate so we can’t work for too long a time, but it doesn’t take very long to see results in these small areas. Keep in mind that when you have ear hair or nostril hair treated by electrolysis it is not safe to go too deeply into either the ears or nose! We can clear hair at the opening of the nose but can't go inside the nose. It’s the same with electrolysis on the ears. We will treat the hair on the outside (ear lobes and the ear flap) and just inside the ear but can't put the probe into the ear canal.

Hair on the hands and fingers can be treated but keep in mind that this area is very likely to scab so you may just want to do a few at a time so you get a gradual reduction over time and the side effects aren’t too noticeable.

Whether, you like a sharp well-groomed beard, have an overgrowth of hair on your back, neck, shoulders or you're spouting hairs from your ears, we can permanently get rid of excess hair from anywhere on the body. 

If you’re done with your time-consuming hair maintenance routine, then Electrolysis is the best solution to permanently get rid of excess hair for good. Book an appointment online