Razor Free Electrolysis

About Us

Each new client receives a no-obligation, free consultation.

Treatments are performed in our private clinic with flexible appointments in a relaxing environment. During your appointment the focus is on you, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind are number one. After your electrolysis session, we will go over the information you'll need for at-home care to maximize your results and keep your skin in great condition.

All hair removal procedures are carried out in a clean and safe environment. The usage of disposable probes, protective gloves and a sterile environment is guaranteed for every single procedure.

A message from Tammy:   "First I was an electrolysis client, who had such amazing results that I became an electrologist. I graduated from Academie Dectro in Montreal, Quebec, having successfully completed theoretical and practical training in Electrolysis. I also completed the theoretical and practical training for the Non-Invasive Electrocoagulation course at Caruso International School of Electrolysis in Toronto, Ontario. I take care in providing a private, caring and professional surrounding. The utmost care is taken to understand your needs. In my practice, you will receive personalized treatment based on your individual circumstances and goals.”