Razor Free Electrolysis

Tammy is amazing! I went for Electrocoagulation for my capillaries on my face. My results after 1 session are astounding! I am so impressed!

I've suffered with spider veins on my face since I was a teenager.

I found out about electrocoagulation & the benefits from a FB group. I went to Tammy at Razor Free for a free consultation. I was blown away by her knowledge. I started with 1 session and MY GOD I could not believe the difference on my face. Spider veins were gone!!! Redness from my rosacea was gone!!! I had no idea that my face could be fixed. I am thrilled with my results & 100% recommend that you meet with Tammy if yo have spider veins or bothersome visual capillaries.

I cannot wait to start electrolysis for hair removal next!

Michelle P

Tammy is very professional, extremely helpful, and very good with answering questions. The relaxed armosphere she creates and her warm, inviting demeanor puts you at ease right away. She is very knowledgeable and skilled: treated some very sensitive areas with minimal discomfort. She also went the extra mile and took the time during my initial consultation to make sure I knew exactly how to prepare before treatment, what to expect, both during and following treatment and what to do after treatment. I highly recommend this business!

Duane M

Tammy was amazing in dealing with my problem. She took great care in making sure I was comfortable during the process, as well as explaining what she was doing. I highly recommend Razor-Free.

Zeljka O

I first heard of Razor Free from a Facebook page that someone had shared. I have struggled with facial hair and was very excited to finally be rid of it. I was a bit embarrassed but she had made me feel so comfortable. After meeting Tammy and not knowing much about Electrolysis she quickly educated me. I have gone to Tammy now 3 times and I am so happy with my results. She is so pleasant and makes you feel so welcome. I highly recommend her.

P Watts

I've just completed my first electrolysis appointment. Tammy's friendly and caring demeanour immediately set me at ease. She was very professional and knowledgeable and thoroughly explained the procedure making it a very positive experience. I would highly recommend Tammy.

Colleen S

Tammy has a very welcoming & beautiful place of business. She is a very pleasant lady. As she started working on me, I felt comfortable & at ease because I could sense her confidence. She answered every question I had. I would strongly recommend her to my family & friends.

Darlene I

I recently had 2 sessions with Tammy and am thoroughly pleased with her professional attitude and "bedside" manners. Her office is very welcoming, clean and relaxing. I would definitely recommend Tammy, and I wish her all the success she deserves in her new venture!!!

Joyce D

I had my first electrolysis appointment with Tammy and it was a very pleasant and professional experience. Tammy is very good at what she does. I highly recommend her services. Thank you, Tammy!

Holly W

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