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Electrolysis for Transgender & 2SLGBTQIA+

We are Trans Ally, and a safe zone. I am a proud mom to 2SLGBTQIA+ "kids" (they're adults now). My passion and determination to help others understand our diversities, and challenges, have given us reason to celebrate our successes, and continue to build and uplift each other.

For someone who is transitioning from M-F/ F-M, electrolysis is both challenging and beneficial. Electrolysis should be one of the first things on your priority list. Here are some of the advantages of having electrolysis.

  • It's safe when being treated by a certified or registered electrologist
  • It's permanent hair removal
  • Helps build self-confidence
  • Makes your skin feel softer
  • Gives you a more youthful appearance
  • Relieve the stress of unwanted hair   

Razor Free Electrolysis is LGBTQ and Transgender friendly. Beautiful transgender person with curly ginger hair, wearing blue tshirt and jeans, applying makeup

Let’s cut to the chase, if you truly want permanent hair removal, electrolysis is the ONLY permanent method, not laser.

The procedure, in its entirety, takes approximately 2 years. However with due care, and persistence, you will noticeably see a decrease in facial hair well before the end of the 2 years. The process can be challenging and frustrating at times but it is also important to follow the recommended treatment schedule your electrologist has suggested for the best results.
The first step is to clear all of the facial hair. This will take approximately 10-20 hours depending on the heaviness of the beard. The more aggressively we treat the hair the first time, the more effective the treatment.

Once all the initial facial hair has been electrolysed, it’s a matter of scheduling the weekly treatments which may vary from 2-4 hours a week. Remember we are treating thousands of hairs. Don’t expect a quick fix. The coarser the hair, the faster it will grow back. A single hair has a 3-month cycle. Each hair will vary on how quickly it grows back based on how much blood supply is nourishing the hair follicle. 

Razor Free Electrolysis is LGBTQ and Transgender friendly. Beautiful transgender person with curly ginger hair, wearing a big grin with their face resting on their cupped hands.

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Here are some helpful electrolysis guidelines when transitioning
  • It’s important to find an electrologist who is skilled, (certified or registered) honest, and compassionate, who you feel comfortable with, and who meets all safety standards.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Find an electrologist who takes the time to do a complete and thorough consultation
  • Find an electrologist who understands how to set up a series of appointments back to back, to begin the process of clearing ALL of the facial hair. This portion of the treatment is usually the most aggressive and will vary with each client depending on the abundance of facial hair. On average it takes 10-20 hours to clear the dense facial hair the first time.
  • Find an electrologist who will work a minimum of 2 hours for follow-up appointments over the course of the week until all of the facial hair is removed once again.
  • Total hours to finish an entire face can take between 100-300 hours. Once the initial steps have been taken to remove all the facial hair, the next step is to begin clearing the 2nd growth cycle of hair.
  • Each facial hair will vary in density, depending on previous methods of hair manipulation. (such as laser, waxing, threading, No-No, and Epilady which all happen to stimulate the blood supply).
  • A virgin (vellus) facial hair has a 3-month cycle. Every hair will vary in texture and how quickly it returns by the amount of blood supply that is feeding each individual hair follicle.
  • Be forewarned that sometimes the repetitiveness of the electrolysis treatment can be uncomfortable and numbing cream can help.
  • Once the facial hair has been completely removed it will be easier for the electrologist to gauge the 2nd growth cycle. Treatment times will then vary from 2-4 hours a week based on how fast your facial hair grows back.
  • Success takes commitment!